Cradle Technologies Inc.
Cradle is a fabless semiconductor company providing the best price/performance, most flexible and most scalable DSP solutions for real-time multimedia applications. Cradle’s multiprocessor DSP architecture innovation delivers high-performance scalable DSP processing with the flexibility, time-to-market and product differentiation benefits of processor-based programmable platforms. Coupled with a Rapid Development System and suite of application software functions, Cradle provides OEMs with all the building blocks necessary to enable flexible yet high-performance DSP designs. Cradle’s corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. For more information call 408-636-5000 or visit www.cradle.com

Cradle delivers DSPs for video and imaging solutions in key growth markets including:

  • Digital IP surveillance

  • High-performance imaging

  • Broadcast and IPTV head-end infrastructure

Sigpro Systems is a Development Partner and a LDC (Licensed Design Centre) for licensing the RDKs based on Cradle Processors.




ViMagic is the global technology and solution leader capable of powering high-definition multimedia through internet and network. Vimagic's technologies, products and solutions are widely used in digital surveillance, video conference, remote education, digital broadcasting and VOD, and intelligent home applications. Vimagic has been an active global company and is present in all major countries. Vimagic is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and has branches in China, Canada, and the UK.



Metta Semiconductors

Metta Technology, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is developing a Multimedia System-On-a-Chip Platform solution that will fundamentally transform the Consumer Electronics industry. Metta's founding team has a stellar track record in creating leading consumer electronics System-on-a-Chip and software products that have been deployed by a number of the world's leading OEMs.

Metta's Multimedia System-on-a-Chip Platform solution will enable our customers to create a family of products that leverage common hardware and software elements. This will improve the customer's time to revenue with differentiated products.

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