Sigpro Systems, formed in Jan 2005, is focused on providing quality design and development services and end solutions in the cutting edge areas of Multimedia Codecs and Systems. In addition, Sigpro Systems licenses high end Network Video Surveillance products, Network Surveillance Reference Design Kits and various software IPs on various processors. These products are ready to deploy solutions.

Engineering and Development Services provided by include but are not restricted to

  1. Development of optimized Audio, Video and Speech Codecs on various processors
  2. Imaging technology, Digital Signal Processing Algorithms and Systems,
  3. Turnkey  Project implementation for Embedded Multimedia Systems in the areas of
  1. Network Digital Video Surveillance Products
  2. Network Digital Video Conferencing Solutions
  3. VoIP Systems
  4. Wireless and Wire line Systems
  5. Biomedical Systems
  6. Digital Broadcasting Systems
The above multimedia components and systems are built around various types of processors including multi-core DSP Processors, SOCs, VLIW Processors, RISC Processors and Configurable Processors .

Sigpro Systems' multiple domain competency and commitment to innovation and quality offers its customers the distinct advantages of a single point contact for solutions in various end equipments areas. Sigpro Systems is committed to create and provide value for its customers, clients and partners  for a spectrum of requirements ranging from Audio Codecs Development (AAC, AC3, DD+ ...], Video Codecs Development [MPEG4, H.264...], Speech Codecs Development [G.72x], Systems development [Network Surveillance, Network Conferencing etc.], PC Application Software Development for Video Players etc, to ready-to-deploy products.
  Product Categories
  Single Channel DVS and DVR
  4-Channel DVS and DVR
  Audio and Video Codecs
  Embedded Audio Codecs
  Embedded Video Codecs
  Multimedia Systems
  Bluegill and Boxfish RDK
  Multimedia Systems
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